Client: Kiddie Wow

The team at Spafield has just finished some amazing work on the brand new independent toy store “Kiddie Wow”. It’s even more exciting because we are their nextdoor neighbours!

We are so proud of the work we have done for them, including:

  • Shop fittings
  • Lightboxes
  • Ticket Strips
  • Selfie Wall
  • Signage

Have a look at some of the photos, and maybe stop by the shop to see them in real life!



Client: Vitality CDB – Suppliers/retailers of CBD products such as CBD infused eliquids, oils, balms and cosmetics

Brief: Client wanted a small compact counter top unit to hold 6 different flavours of eliquids and a vaping device so that the customer can sample each flavour.
The unit neeeded to hold the bottles for each flavour and display the product boxes underneath each one. underneath the boxes there is a slot that holds a pod filled with each flavour, cutsomer can then take the pod and clip it into the device and try the flavour before buying.

The materials we used for this unit was 10mm white foam PVC that was printed on one side and cut to shape on our CNC machines

We designed and manufactured a couple of different prototypes for the customer and once the design was finalised we moved into production

The displays were to be used in vape exhibitions and in vape shops



Client: Mastercraft Boats UK – Manufacturer of high performance luxury boats

Brief: The client required a huge Slatwall display to accommodate a variety of items, including surfboards, accessories, and clothing.

Due to layout, the unit had to be designed in a way that would utilise the maximum amount of space in the shop. 

We had to adjust our designs as the wall where we initially planned to sit the unit had pipeworks and electricals that needed to be accessible. Therefore, we designed a large lightbox for the centre that we fastened to a door, which takes you through to the rear of the unit.
Originally, the exhibit was created in mild steel sheet metal that would be powder painted black however due to expenses and schedules, our design team chose to make it out of wood. The wood used was 18mm MFMDF black (Melamine faced MDF). All of the display fittings, including cap holders, waterfall arms, and surfboard pegs, were manufactured of mild steel and powder coated in a gloss red finish.

The display was set up in the Carnforth Mastercraft Boats UK store.